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We’re dedicated to helping our exclusive partners sell with confidence using a strategic process and proven sales techniques. We build pipelines and get our exclusive partners guaranteed appointments at more than the cost of one full-time employee.

How Our Appointment Setting Services Work

Our B2B appointment setting program helps companies increase their sales by building predictable sales pipelines and that more people enter each step of your sales cycle.  We deliver a consistent number of new monthly sales meetings that gives you the ability to accurately forecast sales. We're able to do so because our team focuses on the key first steps of your sales process: database building, prospect identification, qualification, lead nurturing, and setting face-to-face appointments, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

How many times have you heard the word "No" from your sales people? Of all the "No's," how many could possibly be a "Yes"? If you aren't following up, you'll always wonder if there was something you could've done differently to get them to say yes. You won't be effective without a process in place to manage your sales pipeline.

Sales people who follow up after an initial meeting can often make or break a deal. At Prospectary, our business development representatives use a strategic approach to help you close deals with the target audience. Your high-dollar sales people should be selling and focused on closing deals. We'll take care of the prospecting, cold calls, emails and everything in between.

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Your Business
With B2B Appointment Setting

Our B2B Appointment Setting services uses the best lead generation methods available to consistently grow our partner's business.

B2B Appointment Setting
Cold and Warm Calls

We nurture relationships with your sales prospects by speaking with them through every step of the buying journey.

Personalized Emails

We customize our email messages for each prospect so that we deliver the most relevant and impact­ ful information.

Marketing Collateral

We create custom marketing materials for each stage of the appointment setting process, including introduction letters, follow up emails, and sales meeting presentations.

Salesforce Data

We capture detailed notes after every conversation to ensure you have all the information you need to close the sale.

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B2B Appointment Setting Process


1. Cleanse

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2. Introduce

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3. Nurture

4. Appointments

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Lead Generation

Want More Qualified Leads?

Partnering with us means working closely with our experts who know exactly how to set appointments with the best prospects for your business. We use a proven four step process to identify, cleanse, nurture, and close the best leads.

Lead Cleansing

During the cleansing phase, we confirm who the lead's decision maker is, identify his/hers contact information, and begin collecting critical sales data. Once we've gathered all the necessary data, we determine whether the lead is worth pursuing.

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The goal is simple in the introduction phase: Have the best possible conversation with your prospect. If there is an opening for a meeting, we schedule one; otherwise, we leave the door open to continue building relationships over time. We talk to as many decision-makers and gather additional information so you can close even more sales.

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Lead Nurturing

We nurture leads throughout the entire buying cycle by sending them helpful content that helps them understand who you are. Our team develops and maintains a relationship with each and every prospect until they're ready to have a conversation about your product or services.

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Setting Appointments

Once your prospects are interested enough to schedule a meeting, we set up an appointment, record the call, and add detailed notes in your Lead Management Portal to help you close the deal.

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Prospectary Lead Generation Advantage

Find out what makes us different and how we can grow your business with our all-in-one solution.

Our Promise to You


Our process allows our team to become familiar with your business, how you make money, and what “your” goals are.

We’re your partner, not your vendor.


We have an unmatched communications plan. From video based reporting every 2 weeks; to a 30 day call, dedicated project manager and a quarterly business review.

Go ahead, put us on speed dial!

Measureable Results

We work tirelessly to produce results, track every move, and consistently improve those results as we strengthen our partnership together.

When you win, we win. Enough said.

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