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Through our proven cannabis SEO strategies and tatics, we generate organic website traffic through search engines. Since the cannabis industry is

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Why is SEO important for cannabis businesses in the USA?

The cannabis industry is rapidly changing and the stigma associated with cannabis is slowly passing. With Google announcing stricter measures, they're creating higher requirements to publish ads.


Cannabis paid advertising (PPC) is still off-limits


Cannabis social media Advertising is off-limits

Digital Branding

Social media accounts can be taken down at any time.


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You have master growers and we have master cannabis marketers. Prospectary understands the marketing challenges cannabis, CBD, and businesses experience. We provide website design and SEO services to help grow your online presence.

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All-Inclusive SEO packages

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Link Building

Build trust with search engines through backlinks. Link building is another SEO strategy that links your website to other creditable websites like Weedmaps, Leafly, Facebook, etc. and increases your position on search engines.

Content Optimization

Having great content that users engage with and share is another fantastic organic method to climbing the ranks of search engines. We'll apply trending keywords to all content and create articles that keep your users coming back.


Highly functional, custom designed cannabis websites get your brand off the ground and people in your doors.

Website Optimization

Making sure your website complies with the latest SEO techniques allows your cannabis business to be found.


Social media is another great method to get your brand in front of your audience, hold contests, giveaways, and expand your reach.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a MUST HAVE. It increases your website rank in your business's general area. When someone searches 'Dispensaries near me' then your business will appear.